Home Sweet Home

ImageI’ve been home for 3 days now, and pretty much back in the swing of work, etc.  Hard to believe I was in the footsteps of Mt. Everest a little over a week ago.  Overall, had a great trip, it was everything I thought it would be and more.  I really couldn’t blog from over there well, so I will try to fill you in over the next few days some of the events of the last month.  The tragedy on the mountain really overshadowed everything on the last few days of my trip.  Very sad to have that many lives cut short in an instant, and to be in that area when the worst day in the history of the mountain occurred and the events that unfolded afterwards was almost surreal.  

I will echo something Robert told me before I went over to Nepal.  He said you’ll go for the adventure and mountains but what you’ll come home with is an appreciation of the people.  I would agree that is exactly what happened.  The scenery and mountains are obviously world class, amazing.  But what is really impressive are the people of Nepal, and how tough, resilient, hardworking. yet happy despite what they don’t have.  It has given me a better appreciation for what we have here, hopefully I can relate some of that to you in the next few days. 

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