Lukla to pahkding.

Our first day of trekking was a pretty easy day, actually descending from lukla to pahkding. That’s overall descent, but a lot of up and down.

We did weigh our packs and I won! The heaviest. The second closest was Louis who’s wife came along as a trekker and he is carrying all her stuff. She’s got the lightest pack. Weird. Robert’s was right in the mix as heaviest as well. Robert and I have an excuse since we are trekking over to Gokyo and climbing Gokyo Ri and the cho la pass and may need more stuff for that. At least that’s our excuse.

Anyway, saw my first yak and of course snapped a photo. A thousand yaks later and ten thousand yak dung piles along the trail and I was not so impressed.

What is impressive are the Sherpa people. There are lots of Sherpa porters along the way ages about 10 to 70. Saw a guy about 70 carrying 3 boxes total weight 62 kg (it’s written on the boxes, that’s how they pay them, by the kg) walking in flip-flops! That’s about 137 lbs, I’m sure more than he weighed. Many other examples like that just make you shake your head in amazement.

Scenery was amazing, Himalayas are so big, pictures can’t do it justice.
Stayed at Dorje Sherpa’s lodge, had yak steak for dinner, didn’t mind eating one of them after dodging their dung piles all day.


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