Running with the big dogs

Had a bit more relaxing day in Kathmandu yesterday. Getting a bit more used to the chaos of this city.
Ate lunch at the Rum Doodle, a famous restaurant where a lot of climbers come after their expedition. They will sign “feet” when they get back, and there are signatures from Hillary, Ed Visteurs, and other famous climbers on the wall. If you summit Everest, you can eat free at this restaurant for the rest of your life.
Then we had dinner at a restaurant near the hotel courtesy of Phil the expedition leader for Altitude Junkies with all the climbers. I thank Phil for letting me join the group, as I am just a lowly trekker in with all these climbers getting ready for Everest or Lohtse. The only other trekker is one of the climber’s wife, so I’m right in there with her. (Hence the peewee)
So at dinner we were with more 8000 meter summits probably than anyplace in the world. There are only 14 8000m peaks in the world and we had over 25 summits of these peaks eating dinner last night. Amazing group of folks, high acheivers, but very welcoming and humble. I think that is part of Phil’s success as he keeps a small group, and hand picks his climbers. He has mostly repeat customers, and for good reason.
His wife Trish helps with the expedition and stays in Kathmandu for the whole time, keeping things running from her end. She told me, “I don’t like mountaineers” and went on to explain that they tend to have big egos. But she went on to explain that the climbers they tend to attract do not fit that mold. The great thing about this group is that they are incredibly accomplished but no huge egos in the bunch. Reminds me of gravel riders!
We literally had the whole world at the dinner table last night with USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, China, Canada, Lithuania, and Nepal all represented.
From there some of us went to sam’s for some more drinking and then back to the hotel bar for some more. Let’s just say, do NOT try to keep up with the Brits when drinking is involved. Moving a bit slow this morning but the good news is I will feel better as the day goes on!

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