Headed to the khumbu!

“The times demand that we not settle for climbing ordinary mountains. We must hoist ourselves up and climb extraordinary ones.”

I don’t know who said it but that is part of a motivational paper full if quotes my daughter Erin sent with me.
Really excited to get on with the trekking now. Leaving early on the heli. We may be delayed as there has been an accident in the icefall. One I’d the Sherpas fell and has broken arms but is alive and they may be using one of our heli copters to rescue him from base camp.

Now we’ll find out if the training and prep is enough. Always feel unprepared but sometimes you’ve just got to do it.

It may be difficult to post from the khumbu but I will update as I can. Full posts with pictures will have to wait until I get back. Several of the climbers will be blogging and Phil will post regular updates about the climbing teams if you are interested. www.markhorrell.com


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