Landed safely in KTM this morning.
One heck of a whirlwind day. Crammed a lot in today. Robert met me at the airport, back to hotel. Met some of the climbing group including Phil crampton the xpediton leader. Impressed with the climbers. I’m just kind of like the waterboy hanging out with the varsity with these folks. Our head Sherpa, Dorje is one of the Sherpas who carried the IMAX camera to the peak of Everest in 1996. Legit big boys.

Spent a lot of the day doing tourist things in ktm. Crazy city, chaotic, loud, busy, dusty, but somehow seems to work. Traffic is like nothing you’ve ever seen. No rules. Roads shared by cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, cows(!).. A couple of times I would feel something gently brush me as I walked and it was a motorcycle or a car. They would come that close all the time but not seem to have wrecks.

Met Robert’s family here I’m Nepal. There are 9 kids he is supporting that basically call him dad, ages 5 to sixteen. All polite, great kids. Amazing to see those with so little beingso happy. A lesson for us over here.
Spent the whole day lost. Robert kept asking, “which direction are we going?” I had a 25% chance of getting it right!
Stayed up all day then finally hit the sack for some much needed sleep.


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