If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life….

One thing that I’ve said, oh for about 15 years now, is that the key to happiness is to find the right partner to share your journey through this life.  I have been lucky to find the right partner.  Maggie, my wife, my best friend, has been that partner for the last 15 years.  She has been the glue that holds our family together, the CEO of our household, the best mother to our kids, and the best wife a man could ask for. ImageLuke, Maggie, and Erin on Maui.

I see so many people around me that aren’t lucky enough to be with the right person, and life is not as good, and everyone is worse off because of it.  But when you are with the right one, life’s adventures and even the ordinary day-to-day events are so much better.  For that and more, I am thankful.



A little clarification on the title to this post is in order.  My wife, the aforementioned Maggie, read the post and pointed out to me, in an ever so gentle and loving way,  that the title is part of a song that says you should have an UGLY wife in order to be happy.  She pointed out that I had basically called her ugly and posted it on the world wide web.  I of course had not paid that much attention to the details of the song.  I only knew it had happiness and wife in the same song.  The ugly part I kind of skipped over.

So Maggie found the song on YouTube and played it for me and the kids.  Oops.  Erin said, “Smooth, Dad.”  Luke’s comment was, “See, that’s why you shouldn’t have a blog.”  This will no doubt be a source of lifelong jokes at my expense, i.e., “Remember when you called Mom ugly on the internet?”

The outcome of this little mishap actually is a little microcosm of the point of my post.  Maggie took something that she could have gotten upset about and turned it into something positive.  She does that all the time, always making the best of things.  That great outlook helps make all our lives better.  She is beautiful, both on the inside, and the outside, and I am a lucky man to be able to spend my life with her.

Now, what’s that song about being in the doghouse?



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