Month: February 2014

Writing It Down

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to do a lot of fun adventures in the last few years, and throughout my life, for that matter.  I’ve finally decided to write some of it down, in the form of this blog.  Who knows how it will go, but we’ll give it a go.  I’m doing this so maybe I can go back and remember some of the adventures later on, and if anyone cares to read about it, maybe they can enjoy it as well.


Paul, Janna, and myself after finishing TransIowa V9 in just over 28 hours.

I can say writing it down is a lot harder than it seems.  Reading other folks’ blogs I think to myself, “Hey, I could do that”, but staring at a blank computer screen and filling it with words and pictures is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I’ve suddenly gotten a lot more respect for bloggers who I’ve followed and have put out some great material.  But hey, have some patience, it will get better!  The greatest journeys start with a single step…